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Your pharmacy is being hit by millions of pounds of cuts

  • Category M

  • Government funding cuts

And the potential impact on your business is huge

  • - £2,450 per month

  • - £29,400 a year

  • - £88,200 over 3 years

*Based on PSNC figures for a pharmacy dispensing 7,000 items per month.

We think it’s time you started making more money….. not less.
Zip gives you the buying power of more than 1,200 independent pharmacies with a negotiating strength of £500 million per year.

What is Zip?

  • We are independent.
  • We do not own pharmacies.
  • We are not using you to build our own brand.
  • We are not part of a multinational with our own wholesaler.

What that means for you?

  • We don’t compete against you.
  • We help you to build your business and your brand.
  • We give you access to over 90 supplier deals giving you cheaper prices on more than 5,000+ product lines.
  • And that’s why our members increase their profits.

What do you get with Zip?

The package is designed to help your business become bigger, better and stronger by providing you with all the tools and support you need.
  • e-CASS2

  • Over 90 supplier deals

  • Your own website

  • Access to Camrx Academy professional pharmacy services

  • Wholesalers including AAH, Alliance Healthcare and national short-liners

  • Annual rebates (average payment is more than £2,000 a year)

  • Zip data report on your trading area including GP prescription numbers, market share & competitor analysis

What is e-CASS2?

The PMR-based price comparison, stock ordering tool that makes you money and saves you time.
  • Already used by more than 500 pharmacies across the UK

  • Automatically orders from the cheapest available supplier

  • Increasing your profitability and saving you hundreds of hours in time

See for yourself

Find out what you could save using our e-CASS2 calculator

Items dispensed per month


Brand Items
Generic Items

On average, you could save off trade and off tariff

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What Zip means for your business

An average UK independent pharmacy dispensing 7,000 items a month could save:

What Zip means for your business

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